Sunday, February 10, 2008

Day 3

I'm not doing very good with my vow to post weekly I just have so many hours in a day and it seems like that just isn't enough for all I want to do !!

However, I have found 3 sites I'd like to share ... the first two are for dragon lovers, especially.

On the first site, you'll find directions to make your own dragon eggs, display stands, and transport boxes (as well as some other really fun projects!) We love dragons around here, so this one will be well used.

Then there's the next one ... where you can make a soft, furry, dragon of your very own even if you don't have advanced sewing skills. The patterns are provided (for free!) as well as instructions for putting them together. Click on the cuddly dragon link on the left. The Bean Bag Dragon or Batty are the easiest ones. Batty comes out adorable! Make sure you hang on to yours with both hands - everyone who sees him will want him!

The last link will take you to a site that shows you how to make your very own miniature books - and some instructions for making very special, personalized paper of your own for the covers! Templates are provided for various mini-books as well. You can also find instructions at the first site (above), under Book Binding, for making a diary-sized book of your own. Use the instructions here for the paper to create your own papers to cover the inside front and back of your diary/journal.